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On January 7th 2023, MiCloudSW Ltd. (an Affiliate of Midis Group) became Cloud Software Group’s Strategic Partner for the majority of Africa, Eastern Europe and Middle East.
MiCloudSW take responsibility for all Citrix business across these territories, and all Tibco business in Sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe - all distributor and partner agreements transfer to MiCloudSW, as well existing employees. We are investing and deploying further dedicated sales, technical and channel management resources within the territory with specialist skills to support partners and customers. As a result, Cloud Software Group and its partner community will see greater focus, agility and support.

MiCloudSW’s goal is to maintain strong presence across the territories, and will engage with key distributors, partners and customers to drive a seamless transition and maximise the value that customers experience from their Cloud Software Group portfolio. MiCloudSW looks forward to working with you and Cloud Software Group to drive success within the territory.

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